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GeBaGel System
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The GeBAGel horizontal electrophoresis system is a revolutionary pre-cast polyacrylamide mini-gel system. GeBAGel is the only ready-to-use pre-cast system providing horizontal mode operation. Cick here to see the Video

GeBAGel is now available with 10 wells (40碌l sample volume) and 15 Wells (25碌l sample volume). The gels contain no SDS, making them ideal for protein analysis, both native and denatured electrophoresis conditions and for low molecular weight DNA/RNA analysis.
Due to the horizontal operation the GeBA-Runner it eliminates the nuisance and time consumption of buffer spills occurring in the vertical systems from the top to bottom buffer chambers. The GeBARunner also contributes to the generation of greater resolution as well as sharp and clear protein bands. In addition to this the GeBARunner reduces heat inside the gel while insuring equal heat distribution over the entire gel surface. This in turn helps to generate totally smile free band separation. To increase the security of the system, the GeBA-Runner include a built in proximity sensor, located in the protective safety cover, which detect removal of the cover and shut down the electrical power to the unit.

The GeBA-Runner requires no adaptor for use and can be easily plugged in to any power supply unit. Most power supply units can power multiple GeBA-Runners simultaneously. The operator need only limit the overall current supplied to the GeBa-Runners to 160V. In an unprecedented leap in electrophoresis technology the GeBAGel & GeBA-Runner are compatible with robotic well loading and unloading, which mark the next evolution of the electrophoresis process.


路     User-friendly protein electrophoresis system.
路     No more cumbersome assembly of the gel apparatus.
路     No leakage of running buffer from upper tank to the lower tank.
路     No special loading tips required.
路     No need for adaptors on the power supply unit
路     No special loading tips required.
路     Standard tris-glycine running buffer for all GeBAGels.
路     The same gel for protein, DNA and RNA analysis.
路     Standard membrane transfer buffer.
路     Sharper bands provide clear accurate results.
路     Reinforced sample wells eliminate damage when removing comb and loading samples.
路     Robust sample well dividers don't deform or fall over.
路     Elimination of sample wells cross contamination.
路     Effortless cassette opening.
路     12 month shelf life guaranteed.
路     60 minute run time.
路     Foolproof well access.


All the gels packs are priced at 拢75  and contain 8 Gels.