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Prober DNA purifying kit
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  Name Prober DNA purifying kit
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PROBER Probe DNA purifying system take only 30-60 Seconds to removes unincorporated labeled nucleotides following end-labeling, probe labeling, or polymerization reaction with labeled nucleotides. Prepacked column are ideal for the purification of probe DNA for Southern hybridization, Northern hybridization, and in situ hybridization.

Simple 2 step procedure. Click here to download the manual


No RNase and DNase detected.
Powerful retention of unincorporated nucleotides.
High recovery of radiolabeled DNA.
Simple step: Only a few seconds of centrifugation will give you purified probe DNA.
Rapid reaction time : All step is performed in 30-60 seconds.
Use the advanced Sephadex Resin
High purity: The kit produces high quality DNA.