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Soil DNA Midi Kit
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  Name Soil DNA Midi Kit
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The FavorPrep™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the isolation of total DNA from a soil sample. PCR inhibitors are removed with the sequent buffers system. The entire procedure is completed without the need for phenol chloroform extraction and can be finished within 60 mins. The purified DNA is ready to use.

Time: Rapid isolation of ready-to-use DNA within 60 mins without
Safety: No phenol/chloroform extraction.
Purity: Eliminate humic acid, polysaccharides, phenol compounds & enzyme inhibitor.
Sample Size: Mini Kit Prep:0.2~1g of Soil sample  Midi Prep: up to10g of soil sample
Format: Spin Column

In this simple and rapid process, the soil sample are homogenized and lysed by the buffer containing glass beads, Proteinase K and detergents. Special buffer will remove debris, proteins, and polysaccharides by precipitation and other contaminants are washed away by alcohol containing wash buffer.  Finally, the purified DNA is eluted by low-salt elution buffer or water.

PCR, Real-Time PCR
Infectious disease research.

Storage Conditions
Stable for 1 year at room temperature.