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Plant DNA Maxi Kit
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The FavorPrep™ Plant Genomic DNA Maxi  provides a fast and simple method to isolate total DNA (genomic DNA, mitochondrial, chloroplast and viral DNA) from plant tissue and cells.  Plant tissues are ground in liquid nitrogen and lysed by buffer containing detergent. The tissue debris in the lysate can be removed by the provided filter column. The genomic DNA in the lysate binds to the glass fiber matrix In the presence of a chaotropic salt. After washing off the contaminants, the purified DNA is eluted by low salt elution buffer or waters.

High Purity: DNA is immediately suitable for a variety of applications, including amplification, digestion, PCR etc. 
High Speed: (Mini) About  30~60 minutes depending upon the sample type (Maxi) Within 80 minutes depending upon the sample type.
Safe: The kits effectively removes proteins, nucleases in cells, it is not necessary to treat the sample with harmful organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform.

Real-time PCR
Southern blotting

Sample Size
Mini:  Up to 100 mg fresh sample or 20mg dry sample
Maxi:  Up to 1g fresh sample or 200mg dry sample

Binding Capacity
Mini: 50ug of Genomic DNA
Maxi: Up to 1mg of Genomic DNA

Expectant Yield
Mini: 5-40ug of Genomic DNA
Maxi: Up to 50-60ug of Genomic DNA

1. Cinnamomun camohora
2. Pisum sativum (Pea Sprout)
3. Abrabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis)
4. Oryze sativa (Rice)
5. Ipomose batatas (Sweet Potato vine)
6. Rhizoma dioscoreae (Chinese Yam)
7. Populus tremula (Aspen)
8. Flammulina velutipes
9. Oxalis comiculats (Fourleaf clover)

Agarose gel(1.0%) analysis of DNA isolated from the indicated young leaves with Plant Genomic DNA Mini Kit. 100mg of each sample is used.  After DNA purification, 3μl of 200μl elution product is loaded in each well.

Storage Conditions
Stable for 1 year at room temperature at 15-25°C.