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Tissue DNA Mini Kit
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  Name Tissue DNA Mini Kit
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The FavorPrep™ Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction Kit is equivalant to the Qiagen 69504, 51304 and Qiagen 69506,51306 kits. This kit is designed for rapid extraction of pure, small-scale genomic DNA from several types of tissue, bacteria, fixed tissue, yeast or dried blood spot.


Easy to use: Rapid isolation without the use of caustic organic comopounds.
Time Saving: Rapid Isolation of Genomic DNA from tissue sample, within 1-2 hours (depending on the sample type).
Versatile: Extraction of Genomic DNA from several types of tissue, fixed tissue, yeast or dried blood. Up to 25 mg of fresh/frozed tissue can be used.
High Recovery: Possible to purify up to 60 ug of genomic DNA.

Southern Blotting
Medicolegal Analysis


Up to 25 mg animal tissues, Paraffin-embedded tissue, and buccal swab.

Expectant Yield
About 60μg of total DNA, depends on the samples types.

Handling Time
About 1-2 hours,  depending upon the sample types.