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Blood DNA Midi Kit
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FavorPrep™ Blood/Cultured Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Midi Kit is equivalant to the Qiagen 51183 and Qiagen 51185 kits. The kit comes in two formats, offering flexibility based on applications

Proteinase K (K+Kits)

 FABGK002 Genomic Blood DNA Midi Kit (K+)  20 Preps
 FABGK002_1 Genomic Blood DNA Midi Kit (K+)  50 Preps

Protease Buffer (Standard Kits)

 FABGK002_3  Genomic Blood DNA Midi Kit 20 Preps
 FABGK002_4 Genomic Blood DNA Midi Kit  50 Preps

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The K+ plus kits come with Proteinase K which have advantages over the standard protease kits with repects to final product purity, lysis time and can be used with Frozen, Fresh or dried blood. The equivalant Qiagen kits do not come with Proteinase K. You cannot use frozen blood with the standard protease kits and they are priced lower to suit budgets.

The FavorPrep™ Blood/Cultured Cell Genomic DNA Midi Extraction Kits are designed for purification of total DNA (including genomic, mitochondrial and viral DNA) from large volumes of blood sample or cultured cells using a safe protocol that eliminates the use of organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform. By using proteinase K protease and lysis buffer, the kits effectively lyses cells and degrades protein. Purified DNA with approximately 20-30 Kb of size is suitable for PCR or other enzymatic reactions.

High Purity: DNA is immediately suitable for a variety of Applications, including amplification, digestion, PCR etc. 
High Speed: Rapid speed for the isolation of genomic DNA from blood, within 60 minutes.
Easy Use: Based on a five-step process, purities genomic DNA without the use of caustic organic compounds.
Safe Use: The kit uses a spin column tube and removes proteins, nucleases in cells. It is not necessary to treat the sample with harmful organic solvents such as phenol and chloroform.

Southern blotting
Real time PCR

Centrifuge / Vacuum.

Whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat, body fluid and

Binding Capacity of Spin Filter
Up to 150μg of Genomic DNA

Handling Time
About 60 minutes.

Expectant DNA Yield
Midi Kit:  up to 60μg DNA from whole blood
Maxi Kit: up to 500μg DNA from whole blood

The Method use proteinase K (Protease) and a chaotropic salt, guanidine hydrochloride to lyse cells and degrade protein, than DNA in chaotropic salt is bonded to glass fiber matrix of column.  After washing off the contaminants, the purified DNA is eluted by low salt elution buffer or water.

Storage Conditions
Stable for 1 year at room temperature 15-25°C. 
Store the Proteinase K Powder at -20°C.