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Blood DNA Mini Kit
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  Name Blood DNA Mini Kit
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Product Description:

FavorPrep™ Blood/Cultured Cell Genomic DNA Extraction Mini Kit is equivalant to the Qiagen 51104 and Qiagen 51106 kits. The kit comes in two formats, offering flexibility based on applications

Proteinase K (K+Kits)

 FABGK001 Genomic Blood DNA Mini Kit (K+)  50 Preps 
 FABGK001_1 Genomic Blood DNA Mini Kit (K+)  100 Preps

RBC Lysis Buffer (Standard Kits)

 FABGK004 Genomic Blood DNA Mini Kit 50 Preps
 FABGK004_1 Genomic Blood DNA Mini Kit 100 Preps

  • Please order the K+ or the standard kit using the drop-down box above


The K+ plus kits come with Proteinase K which have advantages over the RBC lysis buffer with repects to final product purity, lysis time and can be used with Frozen blood.  You cannot use frozen blood with the RBC lysis kits but they are better priced to suit budgets.

The Mini Kit is designed for rapid extraction of pure genomic DNA from whole blood, serum, buffy coat, body fluids, lymphocytes, animal cultured cell and bacteria. A column-type tube is utilized in the purification process in three simple steps of binding, washing and then elution. 

  • Features

High recovery: Possible to purify between 5-50 ug of Genomic DNA.
Safe: No phenol/chloroform extractionor ethanol precipitation required.
Time Saving: within 60 minutes .
Versatile: Extraction of genomic DNA from whole blood, plasma, serum, buffy coat, body fluids, lymphocytes, cultured & bacterial cell

  • Applications

Southern Blotting
Medicolegal Analysis

  • Operation


  • Sample Size

Mini Kit K+: Up to 0.2ml blood sample 5x10-6 animal cultured cells, 10-8 bacterial cultured cells
Mini Kit: Up to 0.3ml fresh blood sample

  • Binding Capacity

Up to 50μg genomic DNA

  • Expectant Yield

4-12μg from blood samples
20-40μg from cultured cells