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96 Well SEQ Dye Clean Kit
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  Name 96 Well SEQ Dye Clean Kit
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  Price £ 230.00
Product Description:

The FavorPrep™ PCR Clean Up kit is equivalant to the Qiagen 63181 and Qiagen 63183 kits.

FavorPrep™ 96-Well SEQ Dye Clean Up Kit is special designed for high-throughput purification of DNA sequencing reactions.  Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane is used for separating extremely small particles and dissolved molecules based on their size.  Salts and unincorporated dye terminators can be effectively removed from reaction mixture without alcohol precipitation or gel filtration.  The kits are compatible with ABI Prism BigDye, Beckman CEQ or Amersham DYEnamic ET DYE Terminator chemistries. This product is suitable for  manual filtration or with robotic handing systems.  The entire procedure can be completed in 15-20 minutes.

HT Desalting
HT Dye Terminator Removal
Buffer exchange

Compatible: Compatible with BigDye, Beckman CEQ or ET Dye Terminator chemistries.
Convenient: No alcohol precipitation or gel filtration.
Fast: The entire procedure can be completed in 15 minutes

Vacuum Manifold

Sample Source
10-50μl Sequencing
reaction product

Elution Volume

96-Well Plates

Operation Time
15 -20minutes

Storage Conditions
Stable for 1 year at room temperature 15-25°C.  The kit is shipped at ambient temperature.

Quality Control
The quality of 96-Well SEQ Dye Clean Up Kit is tested on a lot-to-lot basis.  The kits are tested by determining the presence of contamination signals in sequencing electropherogram.