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96 Well Viral DNA/RNA Kit
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  Name 96 Well Viral DNA/RNA Kit
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FavorPrep™ 96-Well Genomic DNA Kit is similar to the Qiagen 51161 & Qiagen 51162 Kits

FavorPrep™ 96-Well Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit provides a high-throughput, rapid and economical method to purify viral DNA/RNA from cell-free samples as serum, plasmid body fluids and the supernatant of viral infected cell culture.  DNA/RNA Binding wash and elution steps can be carried out on a vacuum manifold.  The entire procedure can be completed in 40 minutes and the eluted DNA/RNA is ready to use in subsequent reactions.


The method utilizes a chaotrophic salt to lyse Viral DNA/RNA  quickly and efficiently.  The DNA/RNA is absorbed to the fibre matrix in each well of the plate.  Once the contaminants have been washed off, the purified DNA/RNA is eluted by low salt buffer or water.  Salts, enzymes and unincorporated nucleotides are effectively removed from reactions mixtures without toxin phenol extraction and alcohol precipitation.

Real-Time PCR
Real-Time RT-PCR

Serum, plasma, body fluids and the supernatant of viral
infected cell culture

Sample Size
Up to 200μl

96-Well Plates

Binding Capacity
Up to 60μg per well

Recovery Rate
>90% recovery

Elution Volume

Centrifugal /vaccum manifold

Handling Time
40 minutes

Storage Conditions
Stable for 1 year at room temperature 15-25°C. The kit is shipped at ambient temperature.