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PCR/Gel MicroElute Kit
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  Name PCR/Gel MicroElute Kit
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Product Description:

The FavorPrep™ MicroElute Gel/PCR Purification Kit allows isolation and concentration of DNA fragments ranging 70bp-4Kb. The kit is optimized for low elution volumes, As little as 10μl  to obtain high concentration of DNA.


  • Very small Elution volumes: As little as 10μl 
  • High Recovery: 75-85% fo Gel extraction; 80-90% for PCR clean-up
  • Fast: 20 mins for Gel extraction 15 mins for PCR clean-up
  • Size: 70bp-4kb DNA
  • Binding capacity: Upto 5ug
  • Safey: No need for ethanol precipitation or phenol/chloroform extractions
  • Shelf Life: Stable for 1 year at room temperature 15-25°C
  • Shipped at ambient temperature