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PCR Clean Up Kit
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  Name PCR Clean Up Kit
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The FavorPrep™ PCR Clean Up kit is equivalant to the Qiagen 28104 and Qiagen 28106 kits.




The FavorPrep™ PCR Clean-Up Kit is designed for cleanup DNA fragments from PCR and other enzymatic products.  The size range for effective fortification is 100bp ~12kb, thus common 20 ~40 mer oligonucleotides are removed.  The recovery yield exceeds 90%. Elution volume can be as little as 30μL when concentrated product is needed.  The purified DNA can be used directly for any downstream application.


  • Quick and easy - 3-Step procedure
  • Aprox. 15 Mins handling time
  • Recovery yields of 90-95%
  • DNA size range 100bp-10kb
  • Binding capacityof up to 10ug of PCR product
  • No need for or ethanol precipitation
  • No  need for phenol/chloroform extraction
  • PCR product is eluted with sterile water or elution buffer (supplied)
  • Stable for 1 year at room temperature 15-25°C