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Filter DNA Maxi kit
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  Name Filter DNA Maxi kit
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The FavorFilter™ Plasmid DNA Extraction Maxi Kits is equivalant to the Qiagen 12262, 12263 and 12362 kits. Order the Endotoxin Free (EF) kit using the following code :FAFTE001-1-EF

The FavorFilter Plasmid DNA Extraction Maxi Kit is designed for rapid and efficient extraction of high quality plasmid DNA.  With provided filter cartridges the bacteria lysates will be removed without centrifugation.  Following a gravity-flow procedure, the plasmid DNA is bound to the resin, and the contaminants can be removed with wash buffer. After using this convenient kit, the purified plasmid DNA is suitable for downstream application such as transfection, in vitro transcription and translation, and all enzymatic modification.




Culture Volume: 100-250 ml
Purity: Equal to 2x CsCl gradient centrifugation
Expectant Yield: upto 500μg of transfection grade plasmid
Time Saving: Clears bacterial lysate without centrifugation


  • Transfection (non-endotoxin sensitive)
  • Microinjection
  • In Vitro transcription
  • Restriction Enzyme digestion