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Plasmid DNA Mini Kit
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  Name Plasmid DNA Mini Kit
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Product Description:

The FavorPrep™ Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit is equivalant to the Qiagen 27104 and Qiagen 27106 kits.


Format: Spin Columns
Operation: Centrifuge/vacuum
Binding Capacity: Up to 30μg
Expectant Yield: 20-30μg for high-copy plasmid 3-10μg for low copy plasmid
Time Required: Under 30 minutes

The kit provides a rapid, phenol-free method for the extraction of high-purity plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures such as E. coli. The bacteria is pelleted, lysed, and then neutralized.  The extracted DNA can be used in a variety of applications such as PCR, cloning, sequencing, in vitro transcription and labelling. The purification extraction process is carried out in three simple steps of binding/washing/elution.  Once bound, the DNA is washed and then eluted from the column, ready for use.


1.   High yields of plasmid DNA up to 30μg  from 1-5ml overnight cultures.
2.   No messy resin slurries, No phenol Extractions, or concentrating via alcohol precipitation.
3.   Superior purity of DNA results in quality sequence data.
4.   Optimized buffers are included for maximum DNA purity and yield.
5.   The kit works with all neutral gel buffers and both conventional & low melt agarose gels.

Storage Conditions:

The Plasmid DNA Extraction mini kit can be stored at room temperature (15-25C).  After adding RNase A, FAPD 1 Buffer, should be stored at 4C and is stable for six months.  Other buffers and columns can be stored dry for up to 1 year at room temperature (15-25C).