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EtBr Destroyer Spray
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Many labs are now adopting our Ethidium Bromide Destroyer spray into their standard operating procedures. The spray is used in conjunction with UV Imaging systems. After viewing EtBr or SYBR stained dyes the research simply sprays down the machine to decontaminate the area. The sprayer can also be used effectively wilth spillages. Every Lab should be equipped with a sprayer


EtBr Destroyer sprayer  is designed to effectively degrade and destroy Ethidium Bromide as quickly as 5 minutes resulting in non fluoresceing & non mutagenic by-products. Furthermore the destroyer reagent is also effective in destroying Sybr Dye.

Fast: solid contaminant can be destroyed within 5 min
Safe: blocks the mutagenic effect, this can be demonstrated by Ames Test.
Effective: Destroys EtBr and SYBR Dyes

Room temperature for 12 months.

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