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EtBr Destroyer bags
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Favorgen Ethidium Bromide Destroyer bags (Ethidium Bromide Bags)  are specifically designed to effectively degrade and destroy Ethidium Bromide within 60 minutes resulting in non fluoresceing & non mutagenic by-products. Furthermore the destroyer reagent is also effective in destroying Sybr Dye. Each bag can degrade 30mg of Ethidium bromide which is more than any other bag in the market.



Effective: Favorgen EtBr Destroyer can destroy ethidium bromide & SYBR Dye This effect can be monitored and confirmed by UV light. Once destroyed, the fluorescence will disappear.
Fast: 2 litres of ethidium bromide liquid contaminant can be destroyed within 30 minutes. (60 minutes are required For 3 litres of ethidium bromide liquid contaminant.)
Safe: EtBr Destroyer blocks the mutagenic effect, this can be demonstrated by Ames Test


100 bp DNA marker was run on a 1.2% agarose gel which was then Dipped into 10μg/ml EtBr solution for 10 mins


Room temperature for 18 months.

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