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PCR Tubes
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Favorgen 0.2ml flat-cap tubes are suitable for any 0.2 ml block regular or Real-Time thermal cycler.  Each tube holds a maximum volume of 250 ┬Ál.  A uniform wall-thickness ensures accurate temperature transfer across the tube.  The tubes are injection molded and packaged under stringent clean-room conditions, with each tube guaranteed DNA-, RNA-, DNase-, Rnase- and pyrogen-free.  The flat-caps have a clear, glass-grade optical area on top, providing flexibility for the repeated opening and closing.


1. Suitable for all 0.2 ml therml-cycler blocks.
2.  0.25 ml maximum tube capacity when closed.
3.  Produced under clean-room conditions.
4. DNA-, RNA-, Dnase-, Rnase-, and pyrogen-free.
5. Thin wall design.
6. Material: Virgin Polypropylene.