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96 Well Plates (U)
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  Name 96 Well Plates (U)
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FavorPlateā„¢ 96-well standard microplate can be used for serology and immunoassays. Highly polished well walls provides good well visibility. Please note white and black plates are also available.  White plates are designed for luminescence-based assays with maximum reflection and minimal autofluorescence/autoluminescence. Black plates are designed for fluorescence-based assays with minimum background.


1.   Alphanumeric grid
2.   Contamination-free
3.   Cleanroom produced
4.   Raised Rim Design
5.   350 μl well volume
6.   96 wells
7.   U-shaped well bottom.
8.   Material: Polypropylene
9.   Suitable for use at -80C