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Stainless Steel (RF)
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The RNase-Free Stainless Steel beads (density is 7.9g/cc) come in a 4ml Vials and are designed  for the homogenization of tough tissues and cells. There are 6 sizes of Stainless Steel Beads available. SSB02_RNA (0.2mm), SSB05_RNA (0.5mm) and SSB14B_RNA (0.9-2.0mm Blend),SSB32_RNA (3.2mm) and SSB48_RNA (4.8mm). Make your selection using the CODE drop down box. For more information about how to select the proper bead for your application, please click here for the guide  

Beads are the components that strike and grind your samples resulting in tissue homogenization and cell lysis. We provide a variety of beads suitable for a wide array of samples. The general rule of thumb is to choose larger, denser beads for tougher samples. We also provide RNase free beads for RNA extractions and Sample Bead Packs for different types of samples.