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Bullet Blender Blue
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The Bullet Blender Blue is an affordible air cooled, high throughput automated homogenizer which allows you to process 24 samples within 5 minutes without any risk of cross contamination. This model comes in 2 formats, Snap on Caps or Screw Caps (designed for microbiology samples). To order the screw cap model please use the following code: BBX24BW_CE. We also have a system without  air cooling for lower budgets, please click here for more details

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Aorta – Mouse


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Bladder and Kidney – Mouse (Bacterial Isolation)

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Brain – Hamster

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Colon – Human


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Colon – Mouse

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Drosophila melanogaster

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Heart (Ventricle) – Mouse


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Intestinal Muscosa– Pig

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Liver and Brain– Rats

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Liver– Fish

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Microsporidia - Nosema

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Muscle – Mouse

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Muscle - Rat

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Olfactory mucosa - Mouse

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Oropharynx - Human


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Skin – Human - Protein

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Thorax – Honey Bee

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Tumor – Carcinoma – Mouse

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Vagina – Rabbit

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Yeast – S. cerevisiae

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Yeast – C. albicans

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Yeast – Various

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Various (spine, brain, stomach, small intestine, colon) – Mouse (Viral Isolation)

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Various (liver, muscle, fat, aorta) – Mouse

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