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Large ChemGel Cell
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  Name Large ChemGel Cell
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Our Large ChemGel Cell is a high quality vertical electrophoresis system which allows you to cast your own  20x20 cm gels. We are so convinced about the quality of our system that we offer a 3 Year Warranty. You also have the flexibility of buying a system without the casting base (Cat Number VL2020C). Click her to see the simple assembly guide

Our ChemGel Range comes in a variety of sizes, giving you excellent flexibility to suit your application needs. The table below allows you to compare the range.

Why Choose the ChemGel Cell?


The Large ChemGel Cell has a quality that speaks for its self. The unit is of a robust acrylic construction and stands up to daily usage without breakage, warping or leakage. Furthermore each unit is individually CNC Milled ensuring uniformity in design, every unit is a 100% identical in quality and form to all our systems giving you peace of mind when it comes to reproducibility.

■ Design
The ChemGel Cell is designed with an excellent UBC which has an integral clamping system which means you can cast you gels in place there is no need to move gels once Polymerized. The Robust design also protects the Electrode wires, The anode  is protected in the base of the unit reducing the risk of accidental damage.

■ Results
Unlike most unit the ChemGel Cell comes with an innovative tripple-cathode configuration Electrode Configuration which assures a uniform field, straight Lanes and rapid runs – saving time and improving data generation rate Proximal Upper Buffer Chamber exploits specific heat of aqueous buffer to provide uniform temperature and no smiling Efficient Water Cooling System, Available on All Systems, Prevent Band Distortion Optional Notched Alumina Plates available for the mini 10 cm x 10cm unit Enhance Heat Dissipation

This double sided water cooled vertical system come with

1 x Upper Buffer Chamber (UCB) with safety lid.
1 x Casting base,
4 x Plain glass plates
4 x Notched glass plates (0.24 cm thick)
2 x 15 well,Teflon combs (1.5mm)
2 x 20 well,Teflon combs (1.5mm)
4 x Side spacers (1.5mm)
1 x Blocking Plate (for running a single gel)
2 x Replacements gaskets for the UBC
2 x Replacement gaskets for the Casting Base
2 x Replacement spring pegs and a Spacer Placer

Additional Accessories

Comb, 0.8mm thick, 10 well
Comb, 1.5mm thick, 10 well
Comb, 0.8mm thick, 15 well
Comb, 1.5mm thick, 15 well
Comb, 0.8mm thick, 20 well
Comb, 1.5mm thick, 20 well
Comb, 0.8mm thick, 25 well
Comb, 1.5mm thick, 25 well
Comb, 0.8 mm thick, Preparative
Comb, 1.5 mm thick, Preparative
Spacer Set, 0.8mm thick
Spacer Set, 1.5mm thick
Plain glass, 20 x 20cm
Notched glass, 20 x 20cm