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PCR Plates Non Skirted
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  Name PCR Plates Non Skirted
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FavorPCR™ 96-well non-skirted natural-color PCR plates are constructed of thin-walled polypropylene. The thin-wall design delivers uniform, accurate, and rapid thermal transfer to each sample, improving cycle times and product specificity. They can be easily cut with a a scissors into 16, 24, 32, or 48-well pieces. The plate can be used in all 0.2 ml V-bottomed thermal cyclers and Real-Time thermal cyclers.  Each plate is guaranteed to be RNase- and DNase-free.


1.  Raised Rim Design
2.  Alphanumeric Grid-Referencing
3.  Suitable for 0.2 ml Thermal  Cycler blocks
4.  0.3ml maximum well volume
5.  Clear Well bottom for sample visibility
6.  Thin-wall design
7.  Cleanroom Produced
8.  Guaranteed RNase-DNase- and Human Genomic DNA-Free
9.  Virgin Polypropylene

Sealing Options 

1.  Adhesive Seals
2.  Heat Seals
3.  Raised Rim Sealing Mats Cap Strips, Flat & Domed. (FAPCR 004)