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The MorganTM HLA SSP ABCDRDQ Typing Kit is for determining HLA alleles using PCR techniques with sequence specific primers (PCR-SSP). This kit provides the HLA-A, HLA-B, HLA-C, HLA-DRB and HLA-DQB typing results with a low to medium resolution by a DNA-based method. Click here to see the protocol

The HLA molecules of the human major histocompatibility (MHC) antigens are key elements in restricting the specificity of T-cell mediated immune responses. As HLA compatibility between donor and recipient is a major factor for determining the outcome of organ and bone marrow transplantations, accurate determination of HLA genotypes is necessary prior to transplantation.Traditionally, HLA typing has been performed by serological methods. However, limitations of the traditional serological methodology become apparent as we become more knowledgeable of the HLA genes. The HLA genes, located on the short arm of human chromosome 6, are highly polymorphic. As more DNA sequences of HLA alleles are revealed, it was clear that most HLA antigens differ from each other by only a few or one single amino acid. Due to the limitation of the traditional serological methodology differentiate these subtle antigenic differences, the use of DNA based methods were introduced to provide a higher typing resolution. Texas BioGene would like to introduce the MorganTM HLA SSP ABCDRDQ Typing Kit as a DNA-based method for the determination of HLA alleles using sequence specific primers (SSP).

Features :

CE 0197 marked
5 Loci per tray (ABCDRDQ)
Separates key null alleles: A*2409N, B*5111N, Cw*0409N, DRB4*0103N, DRB5*0108N on the same tray.
64% more primers for A, B, and DR
192 total reactions per tray
Regular worksheet updates
Requires only 6μg DNA per test
9μl Taq polymerase required
Dried primers for easy transport
Compatible with standard 96 well PCR thermal cycler
Morgan™ SSPal HLA Typing Analysis Software is available for data interpretation

Contents :

10 x HLA-ABCDRDQ Typing Trays (1 test/tray)
10 x 1240μl 8M Buffer(L)
12 x PCR Plate Cover Membranes
1 x Gel Interpretation Worksheet
1 x Instructions for Use
* Typing Tray should be stored at 2-8oC.
*8M Buffer(L) should be stored at -20oC.
*Taq is not included.