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PCR Premix (i-pfu)
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  Name PCR Premix (i-pfu)
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Maxime PCR PreMix Kit (i-pfu) contains all the component for PCR (Premixed, Dried & Aliquoted). The kit is ready to use all you have to do is add primer and template. All production is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Only the pure and refined Taq is used giving you excellent reproducible results. Furthermore you can store this products at 5 degrees for 6 Months. For longer periods store the Maxime range at -20 degrees. Download the insert

Our Maxime Pre-Mix kits show exactly how PCR has evolved. All the components are Premixed, Dried & Aliquoted however we have gone one step further. All our Maxime kits come in the perfect vaccum packaging which helps to avoids hydration and oxidation and gurantees reproducibility.