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E-Myco PCR Kit
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The e-Myco Mycoplasma PCR Detection Kit is licensed from Abott Molecular Inc. It comes in a Ready-To-Use format, all the components arrive in a vacuum dried Premix tube. This helps to avoid hydration and oxidation. All you need to do is add your sample. This kit can detect 49 Mycoplasma species. Download the product insert

This novel Kit is a highly sensitive PCR assay that detects various Mycoplasma species that may contaminate cell culture samples. The primer sets primarily allow for detection of major mycoplasma species in cell culture contaminations (M.arginini, M.faucium, M.fermentans, M.hyorhinis, M.orale) as well as Acholeplasma laidlawii. Furthermore, you can detect various mycoplasma species with this kit It is a quick, simple, reliable and cost-effective method for regularly monitoring cells for mycoplasma detection.


■ Dried Pre-Mix
-Ready-To-Use format which includes all the required components, Just add the sample

■ High Sensitivity
-Detection of 12 infected cells or 3.25 pg genomic DNA

■ Cross Contamination
-8-MOP prevents cross-contamination by PCR products

■ Species Determiniation
-You can determine the species of mycoplasma by sequencing the amplified PCR products.

■ Controls
-Internal control embedded in the product prevents misjudgment that possibly arises from an erroneous PCR tests

■ Detection
-Detect the 49 mycoplasma species known to cause cell culture contamination.

■ Fast
-Results are obtain within a few hours