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MS-1 Starter Kit
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  Name MS-1 Starter Kit
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PCR Starter Kits (MS-1) is designed to help you to optimise your PCR by choosing the best Taq DNA Polymerase for your PCR conditions. The kit consists of FOUR different kinds of Taq DNA Polymerases vacuum-dried in seperate tubes. See protocol by clicking here

premium standard i-TaqTM DNA Polymerase
i-StarTaqTM DNA Polymerase (hot-start)
i-MAXTM II DNA Polymerase (long and high-fidelity)
i-StarMAXTM II DNA Polymerase (hot-start, and long and high-fidelity)

When performing PCR, the result can vary depending on the various PCR conditions and factors used, such as annealing temperature,  extension time, etc, these conditions influences amplification of the target gene. This kit provides convenience in the use when selecting the correct Taq and minimizes handling error by using vacuum-dried premixed reagents.