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Soil DNA Extraction
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The i-genomic Soil DNA Extraction Mini Kit isolates genomic DNA and detects metagenome from various soil samples. A number of types of soil sample can be dealt with the i-genomic Soil DNA Extraction Mini Kit, containing common soil samples and high humic acid content such as compost and manure. Humic substances are a major component of soil organic matter. The kit removes humic acid and PCR inhibitors using chemical and physical procedures during lysis. The isolated DNA is collected on a silica membrane in a spin column procedure. A rapid, inexpensive, large scale DNA extraction method involving minimal purification has been developed that is applicable to various soil types. Total genomic DNA can be purified from all the various microorganisms in soil, such as bacteria, fungi and algae. Eluted DNA is high quality and ready for PCR amplification, restriction analysis, electrophoresis, RAPD and any other down application. Download insert here