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PhosPRO Purification Kit
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Immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC) is known as an effective method for enriching phosphoproteins. Theoretically, it purifies proteins containing phosphoserine, phosphothreonine and phosphotyrosine residues. However, many IMAC-based phosphoprotein purification procedures suffer from low recovery of phosphoproteins or significant co-purification of non phosphoproteins

Our patented PhosPRO Phosphoprotein Purification Kit delivers excellent purification results for phosphoproteins. As shown below


When the standard protein mixture is taken to the test, the PhosPRO Kit specifically enriches the phosphoprotein ovalbumin from other non-phosphoproteins. Almost none of the non-phosphoproteins were co-purified in the elution fraction. With our proprietary chromatographic technology, the PhosPRO Kit delivers excellent purification efficacy of phosphoprotein in comparison to other commercially available stain kits (Figure 1b) or other reported methods (e.g. Al(OH)3, Figure 1C).


The efficiency of Phos-PRO Phosphoprotein Purification Kit to enrich phosphoproteins from different biological materials, such as animal cell lines, has also been successfully demonstrated (Figure 2).

Consider to the complexity and diversity of proteomes from different biological materials, results of purification would vary for individual samples. The PhosPROTM Phosphoprotein Purification Kit provides a stringent buffer stock for optimizing chromatographic washing conditions. Researchers can prepare their own washing buffer to minimize the binding of non-phosphoproteins and enhance the binding of phosphoproteins.

Store at 4 Degrees for 6 months