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  Name RNase WiPER
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Product Description:

RNase WiPER is a Ready to Use formula capable of acheiving rapid and efficient removal of nuclease and DNA contamination. It is particularly effective on surfaces which cannot be autoclaved such and benchtops, large instruments, pipettors, glass and plasticware.

Furthermore our RNase WiPER does not contain any of the harsh detergents you find in other agents such a DEPC. If used as directed you will find that the RNase WiPER does not leave any residue on worksurfaces. Download protocol here


-Save time: No need for sterilization
-Spray Type: Ready to use & easy to use
-Simple: Easy to wipe benches, plastic, glass & pipetters

-Protect RNase contamination from environment
-Protect contamination from DNA
-RNase free environment leads to improved yeilds with IN VITRO transcription reactions

-No need for detergent's of high concentration or DEPC
-No need for strong acid

-Stable for 1 year at room temperature

Other Information
-For IN VITRO use only
-Use in a well ventilated area