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8% Long Life Gel
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  Name 8% Long Life Gel
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  Other Info Pack of 10 Gels
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Pre-stained LongLife Gels come with a proprietary new buffer system that has 2 years of shelf life. Our gels contain a patent pending UV based stain which has been incorporated into the Long Life Gels as a way of quickly visualising your proteins. The beauty is that you can visualise your proteins within 2 minutes of completing a run and this visualisation does not change or interfere with any other downstream process. Download Brochure

You can photograph your gel post the gel run to create a permanent record. After this visualisation you can blot, probe or stain in the full knowledge of your samples location and concentration. It is particularly useful when blotting before analyzing with expensive probes. In addition, when blotting you can verify sample transfer by visualising your sample before and after blotting. This allows you to estimate the amount of protein transfer without fixing your proteins in the gel. The Pre-Stained gels give you approximately the same sensitivity as Coomassie blue staining and appears to provide greater sensitivity for membrane proteins. The LongLife Gels have been designed specifically to provide researchers with a longer shelf life which provides greater flexibility and control over their laboratory resources. Gel hydrolysis is minimised by changing the chemical composition of the gel and by the use of a Tris-HEPES running buffer. The end result is a gel that is very stable and reproducible.  


  • View your proteins within 2 mins of completing your run
  • Compatibe with Bio-Rad Mini Protean II & 3
  • Compatibe with Novex Xcell I, II & Surelock Systems
  • Two-year shelf life with the novel buffer system
  • Short run times (Typically 30 minutes vs 1.5 hours)
  • Semi-dry electroblotting transfers complete within 30 minutes 
  • Preformed and numbered sample wells included in gel
  • Combs removed ready for use
  • Fast setup in patented cassette
  • 5 different concentrations allow separation of all proteins
  • Available 10, 12 and 15 well formats

    Please Note
    if you are using either a Novex or Invitrogen gel apparatus be sure to order the adapter plates (Cat Number: AG-001)