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SeeBand Forte
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SeeBand Forte protein staining solution gurantees protein staining in polyacrylamide gels with fixation of the protein to the gel. This unique staining solution allows formation of sharp protein bands in the gel. The staining solution shows good staining intensity with very low background. No need for multi-step washing as required with other gel staining procedures. Washing uses water only, which further enhances staining sensitivity and provides a clear contrasted background.


Staining of 2D gel: comparison between staining with
SeeBand Forte (Cat # SB020)
to staining with Coomassie Blue


Staining of protein in polyacrylamide gels for analytical purposes.
Staining of 2D gels.


Volume: 500 ml.
Number of gels: 25 mini ( 10 x 10 cm ).
Sensitivity: 10 ng protein per band.
Low background. No need for multi step washing
Washing uses water only.

Kit Content:

500 ml protein staining solution