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VisPRO 5Min Stain
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Why waste time with Coomassie when VisPRO 5 minute Protein gel Stain Kit provides a quick/fast and easy way to read your protein gels. Simply add the VisPRO solution to your gel and in 5-10 minutes the electrophoresis result is visible without using a UV transilluminator or expensive gel scanner. 


VisPRO 5 minutes Protein Stain Kit applies the principle of zinc stain, a negative staining method. The formation of zinc-imidazole complex on polyacrylamide turns the gel white, while the protein areas remain unstained.

VisPRO 5 minutes Protein Stain Kit can detect proteins as little as 1ng which is comparable to Silver and Sypro Ruby stain, and much more sensitive than Coomassie Brilliant blue stain. Protein from microgram to nanogram can be visualized with good staining dynamic ranges. Unlike other staining methods requiring the interaction between dye molecules and proteins that generates the staining preference between protein species, the negative staining nature ensures VisPRO 5 minutes Protein Stain Kit visualizes all the proteins.

VisPRO 5 minutes Protein Stain can be completely erased. Stained gels can be re-stained by other staining methods. The proteins in stained gels can be further eluted or electroblotted onto PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes. The stain is fully compatible with downstream proteomics analysis by Mass Spectrometry. 

(5X)Solution1(125ml) = 625ml
(5X)Solution2(125ml) = 625ml

Store at room temperature for 1 year.
Use within 6 months of opening.

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